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Secure Your Laptop - Swiss, Simple, Secure

Passion For Privacy

Protect your data on all laptops against theft or loss

SaseraCrypt SecureDisk for BitLocker enhances the functionality of Microsoft BitLocker with a dedicated Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) and enables BitLocker to use established and existing authentication methods such as UserID/Password, Smartcard/PIN or biometrics for multi-user operation.


The encryption of the hard disk as well as the recovery mechanisms are realized with Microsoft BitLocker, while the user authentication and necessary help desk mechanisms are provided by SaseraCrypt Secure Disk for BitLocker. Moreover, a role-based management is available for the central administration and assignment of the policies.


SaseraCrypt Secure Disk for BitLocker protects the data on your laptops and desktops from loss or theft and is suitable for authorities and corporations of any industry with high demands regarding endpoint security.


Secure usage of BitLocker with or without TPM module

Network-based PBA (Integrated network support)

Multi-user support within the PBA

User ID/Password authentication based on Microsoft credentials

Smartcard and Smartcard-Reader support in the PBA

Single Sign On for Windows

Central Administration and BitLocker policy enforcement

Helpdesk support in the PBA for lost password or blocked smartcard

Wake-on-LAN Support for secure software distribution

Supported clients are Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

With SASERA you protect your intellectual capital easily and effectively. Our “Swiss Made High-End Security Solutions” are always up-to-date. Your innovations and confidential information deserve the best available protection.

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