SaseraNet QLink
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SaseraNet QLink

High-speed network encryption - Swiss, Simple, Secure

Passion for Privacy

Data networks are vulnerable. Encrypt your data in transit to protect it from a network breach.

The SaseraNet QLink solution secures broadband multi-site communications in layer-2 Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks in any configuration such as point-to-point, hub & spoke or fully meshed without sacrificing performance or quality of service.


In addition to a high throughput and the protocol transparency it provides a protection level of “High Assurance” and is the best choice for the protection of government and enterprise multi-site networks with high security requirements.


Our encryptors are designed for security, with data encrypted using the strongest commercially available algorithms with key length of 256 bits. The random number generation for the encryption key uses quantum effects.


The deployment of our encryptors does not require any change of your network infrastructure or existing redundancy scenarios.


Our scalable solutions from 100 Mbps up to an aggregated throughput of 100Gbps are particularly suitable when high availability with low latency is required and where communications between servers, storage systems, PBXs, terminal systems, databases and audio/video systems must be protected with uncompromising security.


Supported networks: Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel

Support for point-to-point, hub & spoke and fully meshed Ethernet architectures with unicast, broadcast and multicast encryption

Easy network integration - no change of infrastructure or impact on redundancy setup

Tamper resistant chassis design and key storage

Zero-touch automatic key management

Authenticated encryption: AES-GCM 256 with additional authenticated data

Secure hash-algorithm: SHA-512

Perfect forward secrecy due to asymmetric Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman with 521 bit encryption technology (AES256-GCM, 512Bit ECC)

Key generation with Swiss made hardware random source using physical quantum effects

Customer-specific encryption algorithm available on request

With SASERA you protect your intellectual capital easily and effectively. Our “Swiss Made High-End Security Solutions” are always up-to-date. Your innovations and confidential information deserve the best available protection.

Contact us for a non-binding offer or a free test (Proof of concept).

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